About dp_steelandleather

Hey, my name is Daniel. Daniel Pokladek. My last name means "little treasure" in Czech. Take this knowledge for what you want. 😅

Personally, I think of nice pocket knives, pens, pry bars and flashlights as little treasures. So I set out building fine leather cases for it. It all started with a fixed blade knife I made for myself. The guy who was supposed to build me a sheath for it suddenly couldn't do it anymore - so I quickly got myself some leather and tools and set about building a sheath myself. It went so well that I didn't want to stop working with leather. And the ideas were bubbling up! The first product I actually sold was The KeyEtui. I still have that in my range today, albeit a bit slimmer and finer than the first versions. Different wallets followed - and finally: The first ClipSlip. I didn't want to carry my Buck 110 in my belt, but in my pocket. But since the 110 is a real chunk that constantly moves around in the pocket and heavily gets on your nerves, I needed a case that I could attach to the pocket. And this thing literally went around the world. I wasn't the first to build a case with a clip, but I was the first to build it this way: As a deep carry option at the very edge of the pant's pocket. And that seems to have struck a chord. In the meantime, I have been able to turn what was my new hobby into a career. And for that I am infinitely grateful: To the universe, my customers - and the guy who didn't have time to build me a knife sheath back than!

By the way, I was born in Magdeburg, live now in a beautiful tiny village in Saxony and have three awesome Kids and a beautiful wife.