Do you ship immediately? 

No. I have no stock items. Every item ordered is made by hand with great care AFTER the order is placed. This usually takes 1 to 2 weeks but can take longer - depending on the workload. At the top of the website you can see how long it will take (estimated) from the moment you place your order until it is shipped. As a one-man company, it is sometimes difficult to cope with the large number of orders. So I ask for your understanding here.


Will my knife fit into The ClipSlip?

Most likely yes. There's five sizes of ClipSlips:​

XS - for small knives around 3.3 inches or 8.5 centimeters closed

S - for knives around 3.9 inches or 10 centimeters closed

M - for knives around 4.3 inches or 11 centimeters closed

L - for knives around 4.7 inches or 12 centimeters closed

XL - for knives around 5.1 inches or 13 centimeters closed

You can check for yourself: download and print The Size Check pdf

Make sure the printer is set to print the document in landscape mode scaled to 99% size! 

Your knife should fit inside the white space. Also keep in mind, that your knife should be under  0.6 inches or 1.5 centimeters thick to ensure a good fit. If you have a thicker knife, The ClipSlip BigBoy might be your choice.



What about a SizeCheck for the LightSlip V2?

Sure, have one! But please remember, that there is a stitch line on the left. Take that in account, when placing your knife on the sheet. Also: The thinner the knife, the more room for the Pry Bar and vice versa. 

Is the clip of The ClipSlip covered on the inside?

Yeah, sure! It is lined entirely with natural veg tan leather. Or - new - with synthetic fiber felt! 


How much slimmer is the SlimSheath?

The SlimSheath is tapered towards the tip. It is designed for the Böker/Daily Knives AK1, but will fit other knives with a blade height under 1 inch (2,6 cm). Download the updated ClipSheath Size Check here and see for yourself, if your knife will fit! (Keep in mind: Print he document in landscape mode scaled to 99%!) 



What's the difference between all the leathers?

Well, the answer to that question could fill a novel! But for starters: 

- Shell Cordovan: it's horsehide. A very special piece of the lower back. One piece is just about the size of a chair seat (but is as expensive as a cowhide the size of a dining table. And on top of all that it's dyed and glazed by hand. It has a phenomenal texture and feels like nothing else. The best leather on the planet. Will outlast you. Probably.

- Nike: The new leather in the lineup. It's cowhide. And it's shiny, but not as a mirror: It has little wrinkles and lots of character. Also it is the softest of the three double lined premium leathers. 

- Maremma: The first premium leather I introduced. Also Cowhide, also shiny, but totally even. Super smooth and awesome, but a little stiff in the beginning. 

- Koala: A little like Maremma, but with a matte surface and different colors. One of my bestsellers. A little stiff in the beginning too.

- Badalassi Wax: A feast for the eyes! This italian leather (also cow) has a very cool, crumpled finish and an awesome pull up effect. Which means, the leather gets lighter around the object that is inserted.

- Buttero: The new Standard in my lineup. One of the best leathers out there, a well known for absolute gorgeous color and surface. Soft to the touch, yet rigid, but still pliable. Made in Italy.


Why is hand stitching more expensive?

Because it takes much longer than machine stitching. If we take a ClipSlip size S as an example: With the machine, the stitching is done in less than a minute. By hand it takes me around 15 minutes all in all. The difference with The SlimSheath or The Wingman Wallet is even more blatant: it takes two Minutes with the machine - and more that thirty minutes by hand.


Is hand stitching more durable?

No, it's more a matter of optics. I have tried to break a machine made stitching line with two pliers. I failed. But the hand stitching looks way cleaner.